Residential Projects

Residential Homes, Inns, Barns & Condominiums

Adam & Rachael Albright, West Windsor, VT

  • New House, Barn & Studio. Plans by owner.

Don Swain, West Dover, VT – Glen Run Condominiums

  • New 24-unit condominium complex at Corinthia ski area. Designed by Landplan, Inc.

Fox Run Condominium Association, Ludlow, VT – Rebuild four units

  • Rebuilt four units after fire. Design-Build by ASC.

Cilio Residence, Springfield, VT

  • This was a tear-down, add-on, total renovation and restoration of an early 19th century estate including stonewall landscape details. Designed by Badger & Associates.

Madrigal Inn, Rockingham, VT – New Bed & Breakfast Inn

  • 10,000 sf inn. Plans by owner.
Madrigal Inn

John & Daryl Bullard, Perkinsville, VT – New House and Carriage Barn

  • Cape Cod-style house with carriage barn/garage.. Design-Build by ASC.

Weston Priory, Weston, VT – Residence in Barn

  • Converted barn into living space. Plans by Design Plus Architect

Weston Priory, Weston, VT – Farmhouse Renovations

  • Renovation of farmhouse. Design-Build by ASC.

Robert & Peg Dietshe, Andover, VT – New Home and Barn

  • New home reproduced in the pre-Victorian style, including timber-framed barn. Plans by owner.

David & Judith Robinson, Saxtons River, VT – New Home

  • New partial underground home with heat pump type HVAC system, sod over membrane roofing. Designed by Browning Associates.

David & Carole Kelley, Chester, VT – New Home

  • New Cape-style house and garage, completed in 1994. Plans by owner.

Jackson House Inn, Woodstock, VT – Additions and Renovations

  • Kitchen, Dining Room and Guest Rooms additions to historic inn, completed in 1997. Designed by Smith, Alvarez & Sienkiewycz.
Jackson House Inn

Dr. Joel Mumford & Margery Collins, Springfield, VT – Additions and Remodeling

  • Four additions including new kitchen, bedroom, entryway and garage with connecting porch/breezeway, completed in 1998. Designed by James Wehler, Architect.

Robert & Grace Drawbaugh, Grafton, VT – Additions and Remodeling

  • Additions to include new entryway, kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom suite, completed in 2003. Design-Build by ASC with Graham Hunter, AIA.

John & Nancy Sinclair, Springfield, VT – Addition and Remodeling

  • Addition for master bedroom/bath and walk-in closet suite and remodeling of front entryway, completed in 2003. Design-Build by ASC.

Peter Cilio, Springfield, VT – Additions and Renovations to Estate

  • Demolished the original additions and built new two-story structure. Renovated barn, guest house and studio, completed in 2004. Designed by William Badger & Associates.

Tim Donovan, Springfield, VT – Horse Barn with Apartment

  • Off-grid, 40′ x 80′ horse barn with full loft and caretaker’s apartment, photo-voltaic panels with storage batteries, completed in 2002. Design-Build by ASC with Charles Metz, Architect and Gro-Solar, Inc.
Donovan Horse Barn

Jeffrey Oney, South Reading, VT – Addition to Home

  • Timber-framed addition with SIP’s completed in 2004. Design-Build by ASC with Graham Hunter, AIA.

John & Penny Blum, Grafton, VT – Addition and Remodeling

  • Two-story addition and new Kitchen/Dining in existing house, completed 2005. Design-Build by ASC with Graham Hunter, AIA

Ryan Ostebo & Mary Hepburn, Saxtons River, VT – Additions and Renovations

  • Major additions and complete remodel of remaining existing space, completed in 2005. Design-Build by ASC with Graham Hunter, AIA.

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