Institutional Projects


Veterans Administration Center, White River Jct., VT – Multiple Projects completed in mid-seventies.

Ridgewood Corporation, Springfield, VT –  Professional three-story building for doctors’ offices at Springfield Hospital, completed 1980. Designed by Dufresne-Henry, Inc.

Springfield Hospital, Springfield, VT – Multiple Projects

  • CT Scan/Surgery Facility – Remodeling within the existing hospital, completed in 1984. Plans by owner.
  • Psychiatric Center Renovation – Renovations of former Rockingham Memorial Hospital into residential psychiatric treatment center, completed in 1993. Design by Hoyle, Doran & Berry Architects.
  • Cafeteria/Dietary Services Renovation – Demolished and remodeled food services area and cafeteria. Designed by Hoyle, Doran & Berry Architects.
  • One Day Surgery Renovation – Plans by owner.
  • Charlestown Family Medicine Addition & Renovations – Addition to existing facility to create eight new examination rooms and renovations to remaining building, completed in 2003. Designed by Joseph Architects.
  • Finance Offices – Addition, renovations and parking facilities at off-campus site, completed in 2003.
  • New Covered Main Entrance Canopy – New entrance canopy covering driveway approach. Design by Joseph Architects. (images below)

Mt. Ascutney Hospital, Windsor, VT – Multiple Projects

  • Rehabilitation Addition – New addition housing the Rehabilitation Unit, completed in 1987. Designed by J. Graham Goldsmith Architects.
  • Nurse’s Lounge Expansion – Addition completed in 1988. Designed by J. Graham Goldsmith Architects
  • Surgical Facility Expansion – Addition for new surgery suite, completed in 1989. Designed by Goldsmith & Morris Architects.
  • Radiology Addition – Addition for new Radiology suite, completed in 2000. Designed by Morris/Switzer & Associates.


Albert Bridge School, Brownsville, VT – Addition

  • Classroom addition, completed in 1980. Designed by Michael Weinberger Architects.

Hartland Elementary School, Hartland, VT – Addition & Renovations

  • Completed in 1987. Designed by Banwell, White, Arnold & Hemberger Architects.

Springfield School District, Springfield, VT –  Multiple Projects

  • Energy conservation measures
  • New insulated suspended ceilings and lighting in Park Street and Riverside Schools, completed in 1981. Designed by Dufresne-Henry, Inc.
  • Elevator Installations – Installed five elevators and associated renovations in various schools for ADA compliance, completed in 1985. Designed by Freeman French Freeman Architects.
  • Boiler Room addition to High School
  • Masonry addition for new heating system, completed in 1992. Designed by Banwell, White, Arnold & Hemberger Architects.

Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, VT – Multiple Projects

  • Gymnasium – Structural System and Roof over locker room wing. Designed by Gordon G. Woods Associates.
  • Alumni Hall – Major renovations to student living quarters and toilet facilities. Designed by Gordon G. Woods Associates.
  • Alumni Hall – Basement classrooms. Designed by Gordon G. Woods Associates.
  • Chivers Ski & Outdoor Education Center – New building housing ski facilities and a banquet hall. Designed by Spillman, Farmer Architects.
  • Gymnasium – New Training Room facilities. Plans by owner.
  • Hockey Rink- Locker Room addition. Design-Build by ASC.
  • Gymnasium – Arts Center addition.
  • Shepardson Center – Student Union remodeling- Ph. 1 & 2. Design-Build by ASC.
  • Winter Sports Park – Constructed two new ski jumps, remodeled one and created open ski slope with ski tow. Design-Build by ASC.
  • Gymnasium – Additions to two sides for locker rooms and entry and complete renovation of existing locker room space. Design-Build with Banwell Architects.
  • Fuller Hall Classrooms – Renovation of auditorium into two new classrooms.  Design-Build with Keefe & Wesner Architects.

Springfield Investment Group, Springfield, VT – New Building for Community College of VT

  • New building for CCV classrooms, completed in 1992. Designeed by Northern Architects.

Fall Mountain Regional School District, Charlestown, NH – Elevator at Charlestown Middle School.

  • Added elevator and other ADA upgrades to former Charlestown High School building, completed in 1993. Design by Beilman Architects.

“All Seasons was our contractor of choice when we installed our campus-wide water system here at The Putney School in 2013. This was a complex job involving much excavation, piping, new tanks, and a new building.

There were many things that could go wrong, a few did, and all were handled professionally, promptly, and fairly. The system has performed very well since. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

~ Mark Grieco, Plant Manager for The Putney School

Hartford School District, White River Jct., VT – Multiple Projects

  • High School ADA Toilet Renovations – completed in 2001. Design by Banwell Architects.
  • Chemistry Lab Renovations – completed in 2007. Design by Banwell Architects.

SAU #6, Claremont, NH Multiple Projects

  • Stevens High School Fire Safety Upgrades – Installed fire-rated enclosures and doors at all stairwells, completed in 2000. Designed by Banwell Architects.
  • Unity Elementary School – New pitched roof structure and reroofing of entire building, completed in 2002. Designed by Banwell Architects.
  • Maple Avenue Elementary School – New covered entryway to gymnasium, completed in 2004.
  • Stevens High School Graphic Arts Lab – Created new space in basement including lift for ADA access requirements, completed 2007. Designed by Banwell Architects.

Diocese of Burlington – Holy Family Catholic School Addition & Renovations

  • Two-story eight-classroom addition and renovations of existing space, completed in 2004. Designed by N-B-F Architects.


Vermont National Bank, Brattleboro, VT – Multiple Projects

  • New branch bank, Windsor, VT – Completed in 1975. Designed by Charles Hood Helmer, Architect.
  • Springfield Branch – Renovate former grocery store into new main branch facility, including two drive-thru stations, along with lease spaces, completed in 1976. Designed by Soeps Associates.

Savings Bank of Walpole, Walpole, NH – Addition & Alterations

  • Addition and alterations, completed in 1984. Designed by Gordon G. Woods Associates.

Marble Bank, Proctor, VT – Springfield Independent Drive-thru Facility

  • Remote drive-thru facility, completed in 1987. Design by Financial Concepts.

Maple Valley Federal Credit Union, Springfield, VT – Additions & Renovations

  • Added second floor over existing building, new entrance enclosures and renovated remodeled entire space, completed in 1990. Design-Build by ASC with Graham Hunter, AIA

Bryant Federal Credit Union, Springfield, VT – Additions & Renovations

  • Addition to first and second floors and complete renovation of existing building, completed in 1993. Designed by J. Wehler Associates.

Charter One Bank, Albany, NY – Addition & Renovations to White River Jct. Branch

  • ADA entry addition, housing ramp and ATM and renovated the entire existing space, completed in 2001. Designed by Beilman-Browning Associates.

Springfield Savings & Loan, Springfield, VT – Addition for Drive-up Window & ATM

  • Addition housing drive-up window with ATM lobby, including reconfiguring parking lot and entrance/exit, completed in 1999. Design-Build by ASC.

Brattleboro Savings & Loan, Brattleboro, VT – Springfield Branch Interior alterations

  • Renovation of entire main floor, completed in 2003. Designed by Royal Design.


Lincoln Street, Inc., Springfield, VT – New Facility

  • New treatment facility, completed in 2007. Designed by N-B-F Architects.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Springfield, VT – Two Story Addition

  • Completed in 1997. Design-Build by ASC.

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